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A professional system settlement company, i-Payments provide merchants a convenient, low service fee online payment service. With coverage of today’s top card brands VISA、MasterCard、CUP (China Union Pay) and American Express, i-Payments also offer Money Transfer solutions.

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Our Features

  • Standard support for China UnionPay
    China Union Pay (CUP) is the only bank card in China and brand awareness of CUP has achieved 100% in domestic China.
  • Support for international standard credit cards VISA and MasterCard
    With support for the world’s two largest credit card brands plus the largest card issuer in AMEX, our service is well-suited for expansion into the global market.
  • Weekly settlement
    Sales proceeds are settled once a week, helping keep your company’s smooth cash flow.
  • Assessment can be completed at least 1-2 days
    Common payment services normally take one week to one month to process payment applications. i-Payment processes payments in as little as 1-2 days, allowing our merchants get their business moving immediately.
  • High-level security
    1) 3D Secure
    Verify cardholder identity, avoiding misuse of credit cards from cyber-attacks
    Prevent damages due to card theft, real name authentication to mitigate merchant
    Ability to provide merchant relevant information to improve risk managemet

    2) Internationally-recognized PCI-DSS security standard
    We maintain Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance, the highest level of compliance within the card payment industry, as a security standard for credit card data. It helps reduce overhead for our customers by eliminating time, cost and risk associated while achieving independent PCI-compliant status.
  • Proven internal system for chargeback prevention
    We have a dedicated and experienced risk management team who put their expertise to work in order to minimize losses caused by chargebacks.
  • Coordination with i-Account
    i-Account can be used for receiving settlement funds, and withdrawals can be made into any bank account anywhere in the world. For more information regarding i-Account please see here.
  • An online payment system which is reliable even for high-risk industries
    Payments can be used not only for e-commerce and online services, but also for Forex, binary options, etc.
  • Support for integration with pre-existing payment systems
    We offer optional development and support services in cases where i-Payments or pre-existing in-house payment systems coordination cannot be conducted by in-house developers. Fees may vary, depending on the system. Please contact our i-Payment Support Team for more information.
  • Apply to Magento platform
    i-Payments can easily be integrated to Magento, the world's leading e-commerce platform of choice of about 150,000 e-commerce websites.


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