What is i-Account?


i-Account is a simple, fast and safe money platform that you can use anywhere, anytime. We can solve all your past settlement problems. Shop anywhere, online or retail. Send international remittances to banks all over the world.
Our money platform service provides a simpler, easier process to payment services.

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Why choose i-Account?

  • Simple and easy for anyone to use
    Open an account online! Ready for you in as fast as 2 days!
    The transactions page is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for beginners.
    If you have ever had problems sending and receiving money from foreign accounts, i-Account will make everything easy again.
    As the international account closest to you, we make foreign transactions a stress free experience.
  • Multi-currency account with 25 currencies
    Our customers can keep 25 different currencies in their accounts,
    Reducing foreign exchange risk through diversification and smoothing the payment process.
    You can even send foreign currencies while you are away, the usage possibilities are infinite and endless!
  • 24 hour access without visiting a bank!
    Banks are closed? No problem.
    Late-night deposits incur no fees.
  • High remittance limits!
    Other foreign remittance services have low remittance limits (for 1 day or 1 remittance) and are difficult to use, but i-Account’s foreign remittance is set higher than its competitors so you can save money when sending large volumes.
    The 24 hour online service makes processing a breeze. Send money to banks all over the world.
  • Internationally branded cards and API connectivity for immediate charging!
    i-Account offers a card great for cashing out.
    Withdraw local currencies from ATMs all over the world that support Mastercard. You can also use it as a prepaid card at stores and online shops that support Mastercard.
  • Flexible and useable in many situations
    i-Account is not just a money platform. You can use it for FOREX and investment transactions as well.
  • A variety of deposit methods
    In addition to common industry credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, CUP), we accept remittances from local banks all over the world.

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