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Start FOREX operations in one go!

We provide one stop complete international FOREX operations servicing for interested customers.

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Basic Package

  • FOREX Management Corporation Establishment & License Acquisition
    Offshore Corporations
  • FOREX System Provision
    Fully loaded, diverse proprietary features for those experienced in foreign exchange

    See more TFTrader
    Free, high-functioning forex trading software developed by Russian MetaQuotes Software Corp.

    See more MetaTrader
  • Forex System Provision (Guarantee Policy)
    We have prepared a guaranteed compensation policy so that our customers can use our transactions system without worry.
    If trouble ever occurs with the software, we will provide compensation based on the lost amount.
    This allows us to provide customers with a service they can use with peace of mind.

    Meta4/TFTrader are both available.
  • Liquidity Service Provision

    We have acquired rich liquidity from over 10 liquidity providers, prime brokers and banks all over the world for forex brokers and offer the best possible price out of all of them.
    We promise that traders will always have access to the most superior liquidity.

    Moreover, making use of the scale merits of liquidity offered to our approx. 30 forex brokers, we guarantee top class competitive base spreads!

  • Forex Broker Named i-Account & Internationally Branded Card
    Business volume reductions

    As i-Account supports bulk transfers,
    you can drastically reduce payment processing duties for
    remuneration for IB, payments to traders, etc.
  • System Training & Everyday Support & Emergency Support Services
    Staff with specialized knowledge provide face to face training for all the skills necessary to conduct operations!
    You can contact us for support through our proprietary specialized business platform.
    Additionally, use our rich knowledge base to solve problems during off hour periods.

Option Service

  • Money Infrastructure for IB / Traders
    Complete deposit systems not used by other companies


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