E-Wallet Service

Your Brand E-Wallet Service

Our E-Wallet service is a collaboration between your brand and our system.
Our service enables you to enhance your branding by giving you free rein on adapting the service name, logo, and design to match your corporate brand, while featuring the necessary features to run an E-wallet such as 24-hour money transfer in mutliple currencies and currency exchange.
We have a track record of providing simple, quick, and secure online money transfer services as an E-Wallet operator over the years through i-Account. Why not put this experience and knowledge to use with your original brand E-Wallet?

E-Wallet refers to an electronic money account which handles, among other things, money transfers on the Internet.

Your Brand E-Wallet service


  • Overseas money transfer feature

    The overseas money transfer feature allows organizations with a bank SWIFT code to send money in a total of six currencies around the world. You can easily transfer money while looking at the menu page in your preferred language on our online page. We currently offer support for English and Japanese.
  • Currency exchange

    We offer support for multiple currencies so you can exchange currency online at any time.

Plan Overview

White Label Plan Full Package Plan
Server Requires using our server Requires your own server
Program source code provided ×
Original design
(checking application material, account activity, etc.)
Managed by us Managed by you
* Please contact us if you would like us to manage the system
Demo system provided
Requires license ×

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