Internationally Branded Prepaid Card

The International Brand Prepaid Card allows user to proactively charge their card with funds and use it ATMs and stores all over the world that have the international brand.

Why use a prepaid card?

    • Deposit online at any time
    • Useable by customers who can’t apply for credit cards
    • Usable at ATMs and stores all over the world that support international cards
    • Check your account balance and details online at any time
    • Failed transactions are refunded, so it is safer than cash
    • No risk of overuse
Prepaid Card Debit Card Credit Card
Application Application Difficulty Low Low High (Applicants require credit report)
Offered Number 2 Personal Cards 2 Personal Cards 2 Personal Cards
Card Type Unnamed / Named Named Named
Usage Usage Limit Charged Balance Bank Balance Credit Limit
Usage Scope ・Store POS
・Online Shopping
・ATM Withdrawals
・Store POS
・Online Shopping
・ATM Withdrawals
・Store POS
・Online Shopping
・ATM Withdrawals
Safety Security Lock Some cards Some cards
Features Withdrawals
Money Orders
Installment Pay



Our Cards

Our company offers the following card types.

  • ◆i-Card

    i-Card Fee List i-Card(€) i-Card($)
    Max Card balance   € 10,000.00 $10,000.00
    Max Single Load Value  € 5,000.00 $5,000.00
    Max ATM Transactions per day € 750.00 $1,500.00
    Compatible with i-Account Yes Yes
    Number of cards Up to 2 Up to 2
    Card type NO name card NO name card
    Usage history and detail Always available online Always available online

    i-Card Website >>

  • ◆ International Card/overprint

    Currency $ (US Dollar)
    Deposit limit $20,000
    Single day ATM withdrawal limit $2,000
    Single day retail purchase limit $10,000
    Compatible with i-Account: Yes
    Number of cards Up to 2
    Card type Name card
    Usage history and detail Always available online

    International Card/overprint Website >>

Card characteristics

  • Money transfer with i-Account
    API connected with i-Account, allowing instant charging using your i-Account balance. The system supports mobile as well as PC, making for an easy cash out anywhere in the world!
    See here for i-Account details

    Applicable card(s):
    i-Card, International Card/overprint
  • Multi-currency account with 22 currencies
    Ever thought about growing your company’s popularity and trust, further improving its image on a larger scale? If you use a card with your company’s private label, your company’s popularity will spread to others. Try this with our branding service.

    Applicable card(s):
    International Card/overprint

    See here for inquiries

Usage Scenarios

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